Project Description

World-renowned for their high-quality figurines and products based on Japanese official licenses, Tsume-Art opened their first shop in Paris in collaboration with Mangastory and needed a complete motion design package for the screens in the Tsume Store.


Motion Design



Powerful product staging.

These animations are meant for some of their most sought after pieces. They are exposed individually in the Tsume Store and feature a screen behind them which plays the animations in an endless loop. The figurines by Tsume, already known for their exceptional dynamism and staging receive with these animations a full-fledged set extension, bringing those figurines to life like never before.

Dynamic product presentation.

We wanted to highlight the most recent figurines released by Tsume and decided to show them with some animations directly at the entrance screen.
This animation works partially procedurally, which permits quickly adding any new additions to the collection by importing them into the After Effects project and customizing some matching transition effects.



Figurines & Art Direction: Tsume Team

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