Project Description

"Within Me" is a single and part of the album "Proportions" by the Luxembourgish indie-pop band Seed to Tree. The music clip is beautifully directed and shot and I was fortunate to help with some VFX in order to make the result even better.


Visual Effects




In this project my mission was to make someone disappear from the frame. Shooting the clip without someone operating the vintage tv's from behind them was not possible an thus it was essential to find solutions in post-production.

This VFX shot was around 200 frames to rotoscope.
I used After Effects and Mocha to rotoscope and composite the footage.


Directed by: Benjamin Heidrich
Director of Photography: Joshua Marx
Edited by: Joshua Marx & Benjamin Heidrich
Visual Effects: Joshua Marx & Gil Galvão
Special Effects: Noah Junker

Song written and performed by Seed to Tree
Recorded by Charles Stolz
Mixed by Thomas Harsem
Mastered by Dan Suter

© TIJO Studio