Project Description

"Pandore", is a belgian tv show with 10 episodes, 45min each, that we were honoured to do the VFX for. The tv show is a thriller, in which Claire, the main character in this suspenseful Belgian drama, is an investigating judge whose father, a well-known Belgian politician, is confronted with potentially devastating revelations. While she has to come to terms with the fact that her family has skeletons in the closet, she finds herself in the midst of another event of national importance – the rape of a young activist, caught on video by an ambitious politician. The incident has consequences for several people and is exploited by Belgian nationalists in their populist campaign. The stakes in the game that is about to begin will include people’s lives as well as the political future of the entire country.


Visual Effects




We were honoured to be the main VFX Partner on the TV series Pandore. With 10 episodes, 45min each, this project represented a total of 149 VFX Shots.

149 VFX Shots

  • removals
  • compositing
  • screens
  • touch-ups


Production: Artebis, Rtbf
Anne Coesens
Vania Leturcq
Savina Dellicour

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