Season 2

Project Description

For the second season of the "Capitani" tv show, we were asked to design and develop a multitude of interactive digital interfaces during pre-production. These interfaces were then used directly on set on computers or mobile phones by the actors. Online research or spying tools on mobile phones are an important aspect of this second season, in which Luc Capitani, fired from the police, is released from prison after three years, under the condition that he secretly infiltrates the underground night scene of Luxembourg’s gare district.


Visual Effects
Motion Design




We had the pleasure during pre-production, to design and develop interactive protoypes, of websites, mobile apps and other interfaces for the second season of Capitani. This enabled the actors to directly interact with the digital props, while staying immersed in their role. This procedure also allowed to save time and costs in post-production by eliminating the need for compositing in the screens in visual effects.

20 Interactive interfaces

  • mobile applications
  • operating systems
  • file explorers
  • desktops
  • programs
  • websites



Production: Samsa Film
Director: Christophe Wagner
Showrunner: Thierry Faber

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